Tuesday, September 4, 2012

After a long hiatus from my studies in the diploma program for teacher-librarianship, I am back. I will be taking my final three courses this fall to complete my program.

Last year I worked as an acting vice principal and as an acting principal which interrupted my studies as did an acting vice principal gig the year before last. I have taken a leave of absence this year to complete my studies and then fly off with my wife and two daughters for 9 months of travel in Europe starting November 10th.  My daughters and I are all doing online courses this fall and we hope to work at an accelerated pace so we can travel with little or no coursework left. Hannah (15) and Abby (13) have been taking online courses through the South Island Distance Education School (SIDES) during the summer and continue this fall.  They hope to each have five course done before we fly to Europe.

I still have to see if I will be blogging for more than one course. If so I will start additional blogs to accommodate this. I hope to use this blog for my LIBE 477: Special Topics in Teacher-Librarianship.

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