Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great electronic indexes and databases are as close as your local public library website!

As part of my learning about electronic indexes I was assigned the task of checking out what was available from my local public library.  I checked out the Greater Victoria Public Library and was surprised and impressed what was offered in terms of digital resources in general and full text indexes and databases in particular.  The Greater Victoria Public Library has a very substantial eResource section that just requires you to have a library card to access.

In terms of indexes for more general magazines, newspapers, and radio and televison transcripts it has Canadian Newsstand, Canadian Periodical Index, CBCA Current Events (Canadian TV and Radio Transcripts), CBCA Reference (Canadian Magazine Articles), EBSCO Host Master FILE Premier, and Hobbies and Crafts Reference Centre.

For homework help the GVPL has Global Issues in Context and a database from Gale called Opposing Viewpoints. In terms of library and information science the GVPL has Global Books in Print which has reviews, summaries and prices for over 11 million books. Other resources of note include Gale Virtual Reference Library and Green FILE.

One interesting free resource that is linked to by the GVPL is the Khan Academy.  This is an incredible site of 2400 free educational videos from arithmetic to physics to finance and history for K to 12 but mostly for high school. This resource has been highlighted on TED Talks.


  1. In agreement of library and advice science the GVPL has Global Books in Print which has reviews, summaries and prices for over 11 actor books.

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  2. Sounds impressive, I wonder if there's going to be a budget fiasco a la Toronto.